What kind of issues concerning children do people discuss?

The main issues which people like to discuss in mediation concerning their children are:

  • Where the children will live?
  • How they will spend time with both of their parents and extended family?
  • What is fair with regards to holiday time?
  • Special days – birthdays, Christmas, Easter, religious holidays, Mothering Sunday and Father's Day.
  • How to communicate effectively – texts/WhatsApp/Email/phone?
  • Financial support for the children.
  • Would it be a good idea for the children to meet with the mediator?

The above is not an exhaustive list and each topic is rich for discussion. At Rathbone Family Mediation, our mediators are trained in speaking with children (Child Inclusive Mediation) and have many hundreds of hours' experience in delivering the CAFCASS-run Separated Parenting Information Programme (SPIP).

Mediation outcomes are documented, although with regards to child arrangements are not legally binding or 'set in stone'. We are also able to provide a more detailed account of child proposals by way of a Parenting Plan.