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What is Family Mediation?

What is Family Mediation?

People often arrive at mediation when they are separating or getting divorced. When such dramatic life events occur, there are usually numerous issues to discuss and work out. Often the events leading up to a separation make it tricky for two people to sit down and work out their own arrangements. Emotions are high and some level of conflict may have occurred.

This is where Rathbone Family Mediation can play a powerful part in helping you move forward. With the help of an accredited mediator, you can safely articulate your needs and hopes for the future and get assistance in making practical, long-lasting decisions. Typical issues include:

  • working out arrangements for children
  • parenting decisions
  • financial arrangements

Mediation may also provide a forum for you to discuss how you plan on separating and whether you are looking to divorce or to live separately but remain married. The mediator will:

  • help you feel that you have been heard
  • facilitate conversations and discussions in a future-focused way
  • encourage you to work collaboratively towards an agreement

For participants who are divorcing, their proposals are usually documented by the mediator in a Memorandum of Understanding which can be formalised by a solicitor and ultimately made legally binding.

For participants wishing to work out arrangements for their children, these may be captured in a Parenting Plan or Statement of Arrangements.

These are not legally binding documents, but many parents find it helpful to have a record of their agreed proposals. Rathbone Family Mediation has vast experience in working with these and many other associated family situations in a collaborative, kind and positive way with a view to helping all clients make long-lasting decisions about their future.

Mediation can play a powerful part in helping people move forward.